Experiencing Black Widow Pest Control Problems in Cary, NC? We Can Help!

  • 09-Jun-2015

Black widow spiders prefer dark, small, cavernous areas in which to spin their webs. Shoes that are stored in a garage or outdoors fit the bill nicely! Even if you knock or pound your shoes before putting them back on may not be enough to jar loose a black widow firmly entrenched in its web.

Almost all bites are accidental but when they do occur, they can be serious. Black widow venom is 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake and can cause muscle aches, nausea, affect the diaphragm and make breathing difficult. For the young or elderly, the effect can be deadly. Fortunately, for most adults, the bites will not kill you but just make you wish you were dead.

There is, however; a simple solution to completely avoid the chance of black widow spiders from nesting in your shoes. Place your shoes in an air tight plastic storage container. Make sure that each time you remove or place the shoes back in the container that it has an air tight seal. Doing this can avoid a lot of pain and suffering and keep your loved ones safe.

Always make sure that your shoes are “spider free” BEFORE you place them inside the container.