Good News for people plagued by Moles!!

  • 06-Jul-2015

As some of you may already know, for many years North Carolina did not allow pest management companies to kill moles. As a result control methods were limited to essentially two methods or a combination of both.

The first method was to kill all the grubs in the yard. The theory being that the moles would move on if their food source was gone. While this was a sound theory, actually accomplishing this was difficult at best. Firstly, products had to be applied at the right time of year, secondly to kill every last grub in a yard is close to impossible, and thirdly, moles eat more than just grubs. So while it may or may not help it wasn’t a complete answer.

The other method was to use mole repellants, which worked ok, but often required repeated applications, and if the problem area or areas were large, it could get expensive quickly.

Well folks, North Carolina has now removed the handcuffs and are allow pest control companies to exterminate moles. There are some restrictions, but this is great news, because through the use of specially designed baits and traps, we can now offer easy cost effective ways to stop moles and the damage they create.