Cary Termite Control

Adam has been treating termites for more than 15 years.  He's also a "Certified Master Termite Technician," certified by Clemson University.  He is one of very few experts at that level treating termites in Cary, North Carolina.  Every pest control business in the state is supposed to treat the same way, but they do not.  Some water down their chemicals, some are lackadaisical in their application of the chemicals, some are more concerned with cutting their costs or are sending an inexperienced technician to your home.  You can trust Adam to do it the right way, by the book, every time.

Termites in Cary, North Carolina are a major problem for homeowners and property owners.  They average 25 colonies per acre, with a maximum of 75 colonies per acre.  If you don't have termite protection for your home or property, it's just a matter of time until you have a very expensive problem on your hands.  You may not see signs of termites until you have tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage.  A simple visual inspection is not enough to identify a problem.  If termites are entering your home through cinderblock, for example, they may not be immediately visible.  You're better off PREVENTING them from entering in the first place than waiting until you have an infestation and then trying to determine where they are entering your home and where they are feeding.  Prevention is much less costly than repair of damage after a problem exists.  Waiting until you see termites before calling a pest expert is a false economy:  Call Adam first and prevent the problem from happening altogether.

Termites are destructive, difficult to detect, and cause billions of dollars in damage each year. Annual termite inspections with a trained expert like Adam Song are important to prevent and protect your home.


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