Cary Wildlife Control

Cary Wildlife Control

*From Left to Right: Bats & Quano in Attic, Beehive in Attic, Squirrel in Family Room

One of the most common wildlife concerns in Cary, NC that homeowners contact us about are bats.  They usually start as a small problem with one or two bats roosting in the attic.  But bat guano contains a fungus that can be dangerous and life threatening.  Histoplasmosis is infection by a fungus found in the droppings of birds and bats in humid areas.  It is not serious if confined to the lungs but can be fatal if spread throughout the body. This puts your family at risk.  You have to treat all guano as though it is toxic.  Adam will get rid of the bats, do the cleanup, and prevent the return of the bats.  People often don't even KNOW that they have a bat infestation because they don't go up into the eaves or attics.  Please call us for a free evaluation of your space so that we can determine if you have bats.  Bats also carry "bat bugs" -- similar to bedbugs.  If their numbers get large enough they can travel throughout the home seeking alternate hosts (you and your family).  You do not want to have bats in your home.

Birds get into eaves and attic spaces also, and can carry e coli or salmonella into your home.  Woodpeckers can also damage your property and need to be addressed before you have a major expense on your hands.  Squirrels can cause damage by chewing, which can destroy insulation baffling, electrical, and wood trim.  Left unchecked, it is amazing how much damage squirrels can inflict.  Adam will remove the squirrels, seal their entry points, and prevent future squirrel problems.  

We have several ways to make your property less desirable to snakes.  We have a snake "fence" that we can setup.  We also often find that an underlying rodent problem has caused the snakes to propagate.  If you have a pond, we can put up that will effectively limit the problem.  Call Adam so that he can evaluate your location and make a specific recommendation for your snake problem.

Raccoons are the most common vector for rabies in North Carolina.  Even bats that test positive for rabies are usually carrying the Raccoon variant.  DO NOT HANDLE RACCOONS YOURSELF.  Contact Adam and let the professionals help you.

Wildlife are not your average pests. From raccoons, possum, and squirrels to birds, honey bees, snakes, and bats.  We even have goose and deer proofing solutions.  Adam’s Pest Solutions is specially certified and equipped to handle removal and prevention of unwanted wildlife in your attic or crawl space.  


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