Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR)

In North Carolina, this report is better known as a WDIR (Form No. WDIR 100). The purpose of this report is to inform an owner or a buyer of residential property what conditions, if any, exist that may be conducive to wood destroying insects. The most common ones found in NC include but are not limited to termites, powder post beetles, old house borers, carpenter ants and carpenter bees.

During an inspection, a licensed individual or a person who works for a licensee, performs a visual inspection of all accessible interior and exterior areas of the home and may include any attached decks, patios, garages, detached garages, or storage rooms. The scope of this inspection is from the crawlspace to attic, if applicable. Any conditions noted that are conducive to subterranean termites must be reported as well as any areas where wood makes direct contact with soil, any wood with excessive moisture and any cellulose materials noted in a crawlspace.

This report is very important for buyers and homeowners as it allows them to understand what conditions may exist that would be conducive to termites and other wood destroying insects and/or if the property has active termites. Rarely as homeowners do we inspect our crawlspaces or exterior foundation walls, etc. for these conditions nor would we necessarily know what they were if we saw them. A set of experienced eyes are always best. Having these conditions reported on the WDIR makes us all aware of what we may need to do to protect one of our biggest investments…our homes.

While these reports give us an idea of the condition our home is in on the day of inspection, homeowners should have their homes inspected on a regular basis. Termites only need a 1/32 of an inch crack in a mortar joint to enter a structure. They can build “termite tubes” at the rate of approximately 2-1/2 inches per hour! Even if they are not noticeable at the time of inspection as they could be in the interior walls or floors covered with carpet, they can be visible weeks or months later after the inspection has been completed.


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